New Security Cameras


New Security Cameras

by rdpecken on Jun.02, 2020, under Communications

Some time in the past year, our grey-market Hikvision security cameras stopped sending emails to us when they detected motion. We traced this problem down to virtually all major email providers requiring a new method to send emails in order to improve security of their email system.

Front Porch

Because these were grey-market cameras, we could not update the firmware in them to implement the new security protocols. So, for $75, we bought two new security cameras that supported the new cctv protocols. They work fine so far, but we need to play with the settings a bit to get them to only send pictures when there is serious movement, rather than any minor change.

West Side

We also found that the WiFi router we have had up there for many years is starting to flake out, so we have a new router to install on our next trip, as well. It’s not a problem for the cameras, but the WiFi internet was a bit slow for Tara & I when we were up last week.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned…



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