April 2018 Visit


April 2018 Visit

by rdpecken on Apr.26, 2018, under Communications

I came up in April to get the Littlehouse ready for the warmer weather. When I checked my tractor, I found that the darned packrats had eaten the battery cable again!

 Packrat Damage!

I got some better rat poison on my next trip, and didn’t have further problems through the summer. Then I got a more permanent solution, which I will reveal in a couple of posts down the road…

I also installed my weather station that I received as a Christmas gift in December. I placed the main sensors (Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction) out on the post that hold up my vertical antenna when it is not in use.  It has worked well this year, we are right at 12.73 inches total precipitation for the year. (I preloaded it with the current rainfall total up to April, since I was installing it late. I just averaged the totals from other stations nearby.)

It’s nice to be able to log in real-time and see whether our ranch actually got rain, or not. Rainfall is very spotty, and just because someone a couple miles down the road gets some does not mean that we would.

Weather Station


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