Solar Design


Solar Design

by rdpecken on Jul.23, 2013, under Electrical

We’re getting ready to finish up the Solar Installation this Fall.

The Specs:
Solar Array: 6 SW-230 Solar World Panels, 2 Strings of 3 at 90 volts: 1380 Watts
Array Combiner Box: Midnight Solar MNPV-3
Charge Controller: Midnight Solar Classic 200
Batteries: 8 Crown CR-220 batteries in series: 48 volts at 220 Amp-Hours
Inverter: Outback FX3048T – 48 volt, 3000 Watts
Emergency generator: Honda EU2000i – 2000 Watt

LittleHouse Solar Design

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  1. wayne

    I do have a spare 175 amp inverter breaker if you are interested @ a great price

  2. Mike Cianciosi

    are you as terrified as we are getting started- I thought this would be so easy get panels get our 2 rvs out on property to get started. get some panels. Holy crap batman- now im getting overwhelmed. shhesh. I guess if it was easy everybody would do it. we bought 40 acres with 380,000 state land around us.

  3. Mike Cianciosi

    by the way were Seligman too- sierra Verde.

  4. rdpecken

    Mike, Welcome to Sierra Verde!
    Yes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the details of a solar install. I had a little advantage with my career in electronics, but there were still a lot of decisions to be made.
    There is a solar dealer in Flagstaff that provides an electronic forum to discuss solar installations. I found the info available there to be very helpful:

    The main thing is to refrain from jumping into the buying mode until you have done a design. First figure out how much electricity you will need (there is an inexpensive meter you can plug in line to measure each device’s actual power usage). That determines how much battery you will need, which then determines how much solar panels you will need.
    Good luck with your project, we love it at SVR…


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