Installing Metal Roof on LittleHouse Porch


Installing Metal Roof on LittleHouse Porch

by rdpecken on Jun.03, 2012, under porch

Not many pictures this time, as I got a little lazy.  We went up to the Ranch over Memorial Day to install the structural steel on the porch roof.

It only took a day and a half to do all the work, and the rest of the time we spent visiting/barbecuing with the neighbors. 

The place where the roofers bought the panels no longer could get the exact same color, so this roof is a little darker than the house. I expect after a couple of years of fading from exposure, they will be closer. At any rate, you cannot see the roof from the ground, due to its low slope.  You have to go across the meadow to see it. Anyway, here is how it turned out.

Porch Metal Roof Panels

Again, I would ask, “Why would anybody install asphalt shingles?” This roof goes on so easy, that it’s a little embarrassing that I took a day and a half to do it.

Well, we did have some prep work. We had to install the facia on the front of the porch roof. These are 2×6 boards that cover the bare ends of the rafters sticking out. In order to put those on, we had to break off all of the roofing nails that hold down the rubberized underlayment along the front edge. This was pretty easy to do with a pair of pliers, and they still hold tight with the remaining part of the nail in the plywood.

Preparation for facia boards

After installing the fascia boards along the front edge, we installed the front drip edge. Then it was a simple matter to raise each panel in place, and making sure the first one was square, fastening them down with hidden screws.  Then just a couple of trim pieces for the edges, and we were done.


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