September 2011 Visit


September 2011 Visit

by rdpecken on Oct.02, 2011, under porch

John came down to help with the porch construction a little bit during September.  We started out by cutting a notch in the vertical trim pieces for the roof ledger board to fit into.  I used my “poor-man’s sawzall”.


Next, we added three 8′ 2×8 ledger boards, sitting on top of the trim piece. These are what the roof rafters will attach to. We used 3-1/2″ lag screws every couple of feet, into the studs behind the siding.  This puts the top of the roof just a couple of inches below the main roof.

John, attaching a ledger board

Here is a view of the ledger boards after they have all been attached.

Ledger Boards and Porch Trim installed

The next task was to finish the porch trim fascia. I had made a mistake on the first piece, so we removed it, and correctly notched a second piece to take it’s place.

Notching the fascia for the porch

After that, it was just a matter of notching the other end in the same way, and putting on the two fascia boards on the front of the porch.

Nailing in the fascia

With the work accomplished that was planned for this trip, we took some time to rest and to watch the Huskers take on Washington (for the third time in one year!).

John Relaxing 
Randy Relaxing
John, enjoying sunset


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