August 2011 Visit


August 2011 Visit

by rdpecken on Sep.25, 2011, under LittleHouse

Our main purpose of this trip was to repair the plumbing on the shed (I know… Again!).  It had a bad solder joint for one of the hose spigots, and a burst pipe on a plug we had used on one of the lines for a future sink inside.

Both of those tasks were accomplished, but I forgot to take pictures.  But we did get some nice scenery shots.  This one is looking down from the telephone booth toward the shed.

August 2011 from North Mountain toward shed

The second shot is toward South Mountain from low on North Mountain.  I like the colors this time of year.

Toward South Mountain

I haven’t figured out the geology of the ranch yet.  It looks kind of like it was a sea floor, with a sandy bottom that got turned into limestone at some point.  But we never see any fossils.  Then we have things like this, that make it look like it was the floor of a cave, with mineral laden water dripping down to make formations.  I just don’t know…

Limestone formations

Once the shed work was done, we just had a couple of small projects inside the cabin to take up some time.  The first was to put up some temporary curtains.  Since we built the porch, you can look directly into the cabin from it.  The curtains also come in handy to cut down on the heat gain in the hotter months.

New temporary curtains

The other minor project was to install a towel rack in the bathroom.  No big deal here…

Towell Rack


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