Spring Critters


Spring Critters

by rdpecken on May.28, 2011, under Seasons

We made two trips up in April and May.  The weather was very nice for both trips, with no rain, and highs in the mid-60’s to mid 70’s both times.

During the April trip, we found that we needed to be very careful where we stepped, because we didn’t want to kill any of the multitudes of caterpillars that were all over the ground.  It seemed like there was at least one every 10 feet or so.  I don’t know what kind of butterfly/moth these turn into, but it seems that later in the summer, we always have a bunch of the little yellow butterflies flying around, so maybe that’s them.


For the May trip, we found that we should probably watch our step as well then.  Here is a black rattler that was sunning himself on Markham Pass, about 4 miles off the highway.


He wasn’t too excited to see us, and just kind of slithered off into the weeds.

Rattler in weeds


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