Bathroom Sink Install


Bathroom Sink Install

by rdpecken on Mar.20, 2011, under Plumbing

We are finally getting a sink in the little house.  This is a big step, as before we had to go down to the shed to wash our hands.  With the new sink and bathroom cabinetry, we can clean up better with washing our hands and faces, and also brushing our teeth.

We chose an old-fashioned looking model with curved doors from Lowes.  It has a slide out drawer in the bottom, as well as a shelf inside.

Sink installed

I didn’t take any pictures of the install, but it involved putting a one-way vent on the drain pipe in the wall, and adding two quarter-turn valves for the hot and cold water inlets.  Also, the box didn’t say that mounting hardware was not included, so I ended up going into Kingman to get some supplies.

I found that when the sink was flush with the right-hand wall, that there was not enough elbow room on that side.  So I ended up moving it over to the left as much as possible, given the position of the drain and water inlets.  That helped some.

The faucet set has a high outlet, to allow putting pots and pans under it to allow for easy filling until the kitchen sink gets installed.

Faucet Set

And other cool thing is that the faucet can be rotated out of the way, so you can wash your face without poking your eyes out…

Faucet rotated


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