Bathroom Door Installation


Bathroom Door Installation

by rdpecken on Mar.20, 2011, under Windows & Doors

At the end of January, I had done a very temporary job of putting the bathroom door up.  Because the frame was too long for the opening, with the tile floor installed, I wasn’t able to install it in the correct position.  It worked for that weekend, but now I needed to finish the job.

So when I arrived in March, this was the state of the door:

Bathroom Door Temporary install

As you can see, it is not set into the frame to be flush with the drywall on the other side.

From the bathroom side, you can see that it needs to come in a few more inches, but the tile floor is in the way.

Bathroom Door temporary inside image

Since I was alone this trip, I thought it might be easier to move the door in place, rather than take it all the way out and reinstall.  I started by measuring how much frame to take off the bottom to allow it to fit in the rough opening.

Marking for cut on bottom of frame

Then I used the poor man’s sawz-all to trim off the bottom.

Poor-Mans sawz-all

So that left me with a frame a little bit shorter now…

Shorter Frame

Next, I moved the frame in on all 3 sides, making it level and plumb as I went.

Repositioned frame

I secured it all around and made certain it was as flush as possible with the drywall in the bathroom.

Reinstalled door

And added the latch plate to the frame.

Latch Plate installed


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