Fall Maintenance 2010


Fall Maintenance 2010

by rdpecken on Oct.06, 2010, under Ranch Maintenance

While I was up laying floor tile, I had some drying time to make use of.  I re-insulated the water inlet pipes.  I don’t know what happened to the first application, but it was gone.  This time, I used plastic ties, as well as electrical tape to hold it in place.

Water Inlet re-insulated

The big storm that passed through this week blew open the shed door.  So all of the door frame got soaked with rain during that night.  The frame swelled so much, I could no longer close the door all the way.  So when I left, I tied it closed as much as possible, and hope that when it dries out, I will be able to close it again.

Shed door temporary fix


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