Critters and such…


Critters and such…

by rdpecken on Oct.17, 2010, under Seasons

We went for a hike on Friday.  We went down to the old Well #5 to see if it still had water in the tank, then we hiked around the road and up to Gunners Mate Road (about 3 miles altogether).  On the way, we found some interesting critters.

Here is one of a pair of baby Horned Toad Lizards that were only about six feet from each other on the road. He had just caught a bug of some kind to eat.

Baby Horned Toad

Then, while we were resting, I knocked over a rock off the side of the road, and out crawled a centipede.  Pretty creepy… About 3 inches long.


And when we got back, we found a little (maybe 2″) baby tarantula crawling near the cabin.

Baby Tarantula

I tried snapping a short video of him walking around…



Finally, the boys found bones from a deer out in the meadow.  Here they are trying to piece them together…

Deer Bones 1

Deer Bones 2


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