Maintenance for the Washhouse


Maintenance for the Washhouse

by rdpecken on Sep.28, 2010, under WashHouse

The Wash House has been up for about 6 years now, and has never been painted.  We have just been relying on the primered siding to keep out the weather.
The siding has done really well, but the door takes a real beating on the western side.  It has started peeling, so we decided to go ahead and put a coat of primer and paint on it.

Here it is after removing it from the hinges and laying it down on the deck to work on it:

Bathroom Door with peeling paint

After sanding, scraping and wirebrushing, we were able to remove all of the loose paint.  Next, we put it back up on its hinges to paint it.

Sanded Door

We used the leftover ZAP primer (I still don’t like it) on the door, and then used some of the brown paint left over from the LittleHouse paint job.
Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture before we left, so you’ll have to wait to see the results.  It looks much better than the photos above, though!


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