Bathroom Shower Install


Bathroom Shower Install

by rdpecken on Sep.28, 2010, under Plumbing


After painting all of the bathroom walls, the base unit   It was a little tight. (looking at this process later, I realize that the shower unit is meant to be installed against bare studs, then drywall installed later).  I had to pull the inlet for the toilet into the wall (easy, since it’s connected to the adjustable mounting bracket, and the other side of the wall is not drywalled, yet.  After placing some tile adhesive down, I placed the base into the cubbyhole.  It was not easy to do by myself.

Yes, I scuffed up the walls some getting the base in.  It was a tight fit.  But that will mostly be covered with the shower door and walls, and what isn’t can be touched up when we’re done.

Shower Base Unit

I couldn’t find the instructions, and I’m pretty certain they don’t say to do this, but I put some screws into the studs on the back wall to stiffen up the base.  It tended to squeak against the back wall until I did that. Nice color for the walls, I think…

Back wall secured

Here is the shower with all but the last wall installed.  I’ll have to do that on the next trip up.  A little touch up on the paint, and some trim, and we will be ready to go.

Two walls up for shower


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