Bathroom Shower Install Preparations


Bathroom Shower Install Preparations

by rdpecken on Sep.28, 2010, under Drywall


After the cement board was laid down, the next step was to fit the shower into place.  As things usually go, we had to make some modifications.
We had built the bathroom to be able to put in a full 5′ tub/shower.  At some point, we decided that we would rather have just a shower, and that we liked the one we had in the shed.  So we bought a very similar one and brought it up.  This unit is only 4′ wide, so we had to build an end wall for the unit for our home.  This left a very narrow “closet” space next the the shower, but we will deal with that later.  Maybe a pullout unit on slides.

Anyway, here is the wall after the drywall was hung, but before finishing it:

Shower Wall

A little mud and tape goes a long ways…

Shower Wall mudded

Here is a shot of the very small “closet”.  It does show the texture on the wall pretty well, though…

Little “Closet”

We picked a neutral color called “Desert Fortress” from Lowes (Valspar paint).  Here you can see with some contrast as to how much darker it is than the almost pure white of the mud.  It doesn’t look that dark now that it’s all finished, though. 

Paint cut in to corners

2 comments for this entry (from previous blog site...):
  1. Steve

    I’m impressed Randy! How did you fasten the sheet rock in the little “closet”? Can’t swing a hammer in there, eh? Liquid Nails?

  2. admin

    Hi Steve.
    Right, there’s no room to swing a hammer in there!
    I built the wall and sheetrocked it outside on the little work platform/porch in front of the house. Then Tara & I carried it in and used screws to hold it to the studs in the other walls, and to the floor.
    Finally, we sheetrocked the easy side, and put the corner edges on the front.
    Nothing’s as easy as it should be!
    Later… Randy


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