Starting to Drywall the Littlehouse


Starting to Drywall the Littlehouse

by rdpecken on Jul.07, 2010, under Drywall

So we’ve come to the stage where we need to finish the walls in the bathroom before we install the facilities.

Tara & I came up in mid-May to start on the Drywall for the bathroom.
Before we could install any drywall, I needed to finish a couple of electrical projects in there.  The first was the bathroom fan.  The light did not turn on when the switch was thrown, although the fan did work properly. A little investigation found a neutral wire disconnected.  It must have been stuffed up into the assembly where I couldn’t see it when I first installed the fixture.

Fan fixture loose wire

After connecting the neutral wire, the light started working.

The other electrical projects to complete were to add the electrical boxes for the ceiling light and the light above the sink.  We had run out of them in the initial install, and managed to remember to get some more later.

Ceiling box for light

Once the electrical was finished, we were able to install the drywall to the ceiling.  We didn’t insulate the ceiling, since the loft is right above.  We discovered that we really need to cut ALL drywall pieces 1/4″ short.  I tried getting away with 1/8″, but because of not-quite-square rooms and crooked lumber, 1/4″ works much better.  We also insulated the outside wall.
The vent pipe was extended into the loft, where it will exit just under the gable overhang, rather than piercing the roof.  The three cross boards on the left are to fasten the new wall that will be built when the shower is installed.  It will form the end of the shower on the right, and a small towel closet on the left.

Drywall on ceiling

Note that we used the moisture-resistant firewall, which is blue, instead of white.

Here, we have insulated the north wall, and installed some more drywall. We also installed plastic sheeting behind the drywall as a vapor barrier. The accidental holes in the vapor barrier were sealed with tape later.

North wall drywall

Somewhere around here, we ran out of time, and had to head back to the valley.


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