June 2010 at the Ranch


June 2010 at the Ranch

by rdpecken on Jul.07, 2010, under Seasons

At the end of June, a couple of friends came up for our ham radio “Field Day”.  On Sunday morning, we all went for a hike up our South Mountain, and there are some pretty nice views from up there.  Here are a couple of shots of the homestead from the side of the mountain…

LittleHouse from South Mountain

and one a little closer up…

Littlehouse closer

John took some nice scenery shots from the mountain.

View over 29 plains 
Ridge on South Mountain
Clearing on the Mountain
When we returned to the base camp, John couldn’t resist capturing a Cholla…

Cholla Cactus in meadow

And we had a skink under the LittleHouse.

Lizard under the house

While I was up earlier in the month installing the ham radio vertical antenna, I ran across some 4 o’clocks that caught my eye.

4 o'clock closeup

And one from further out…

4 o'clocks


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