April 2010 Ranch Visit


April 2010 Ranch Visit

by rdpecken on Apr.23, 2010, under Seasons

We didn’t do a lot of recreational stuff during our visit this April, as we only had a couple of days and wanted to get the plumbing finished.
We did go for a little hike while I was testing out another cellphone for the Ranch.

While we were out hiking, Remy (our dog) found a deer skull from a relatively fresh kill.  We’re guessing coyote or mountain lion made the kill, as hunters would have taken the head with them to prove their deer was a buck.  Also, this was a pretty small deer.

Deer Skull

Anyway, being earily facinated with dead animals (I had a dissection kit when I was in 6th grade), I picked up the skull with the intention of bringing it home for the gradkids to look at.  It was still not fully dried/bleached out, so I put it on an anthill for picking.  If some wild animal doesn’t drag it off, maybe it will be a nice bleach-white by the end of the summer.


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