Markham Pass Improvements


Markham Pass Improvements

by rdpecken on Oct.05, 2009, under Area

I went up to the ranch over the first weekend in October, just to drain the water lines and get ready for a possible early winter.

We had major winds that whole weekend, as a front was passing through from the north, and a tropical storm was arriving from the south.  That resulted in some of the worst blowing dust I have seen in the area.

Blowing dust on Markham Pass

When I arrived at Markham Pass, it was evident that some road work had been done.  The road was graded, the culverts were repaired, and it looks like several loads of cinders have been spread in the worst spots.  I hope they stay in place long enough to get mixed with the mud when we get some rain this fall/winter. Here is the section near Bullit Road…

Cinders near Bullit Road

And the bad spot near Rigg’s place looks better with cinders…

Cinders near Rigg's Place

Modahls’s curve looks a lot better, too…

Modahl's Curve

As does the area south of Modah’s curve…

South of Modahl's curve

The worst spots in the first two miles got the majority of the cinders…

Markham Pass Cinders

There was even a bunch of dust heading into Chino Valley…

Chino Valley Dust

Anyway, as it turns out, we went back up the next week to work on the waste water plumbing for the LittleHouse. There were no hard freezes, but after getting hit hard in October last year, I was taking no chances.


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