Critters that Don’t Bite…


Critters that Don’t Bite…

by admin on Aug.02, 2009, under Seasons

Alex and Hunter visited us because they like to run around and catch critters (mostly bugs, some lizards, NO SNAKES!).  They found a Horned Toad Lizard near an ant nest.  However, he was pretty docile, and didn’t seem to mind being handled some.

here is a front view…
Horned Toad Lizard – Front View

And here is a rear view…

Horned Toad Lizard – Rear View

And here is Hunter holding him…

Hunter Holding the Horned Toad Lizard

And Alex got his turn, too..

Alex holding the horned toad lizard

When they were done looking at the lizard, they put him back where they found him, so the lizard could continue eating a bjillion ants every day!


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