Critters ‘n Such


Critters ‘n Such

by admin on Aug.25, 2009, under Seasons

On the way out of the ranch on Monday, I came across this recently deceased bull snake at the corner near the Modahl’s place.  Looks like he got squished by a truck.  It’s a shame, as they are pretty beneficial to have around, and really do no harm.

Bull Snake

The cattle were walking right down the middle of the road, and a few were challenging my right to be there.  I just inched through the bunch, and they gave way when I got really close.

Cattle in the Road

Then at the gate near the entrance of our ranch, I saw these interesting berries. I thought they looked kinda like cherry tomatoes, but of course didn’t eat them, because I know that almost everything wild that looks good in arizona is poisonous!  It turns out I was right.  They are the Silverleaf Nightshade plant.  A relative of the tomato, but poisonous to humans and cattle.

Silverleaf Nightshade

Here are some links that describe the plant…

They mention some medicinal and constructive uses that the native tribes used the plant for, but I’d have to be in a pretty bad way before I would ingest any of it…


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