More Electrical Work – Memorial Day 2009


More Electrical Work – Memorial Day 2009

by admin on Jun.04, 2009, under Electrical

We came up for a week over Memorial Day to do more electrical work.

We started by installing the bathroom vent fan.

Here is the fan installed in the ceiling…


Bathroom Fan mounted in ceiling

Later in the week, we got the missing piece that allowed us to install the duct works…

Bathroom Fan with Duct to north wall installed

Here are the outlets under the small loft area. The 3-way wiring was all done in the left-most receptacle, then we simply paralleled two more lights to the first…

Ceiling lights below small loft

And here is a close-up picture of the 3-way wiring inside the first receptacle…

3-way wiring 
 And here are more ceiling lights and fan receptacles.
Ceiling Lights and Fan receptacles

Three Way switch wiring

Breaker Box wiring

Front Panel on Breaker Box

Circuit Numbers


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