Memorial Day 2009


Memorial Day 2009

by admin on Jun.04, 2009, under Seasons

We were pretty lucky with weather for this trip.  However, just as we were arriving at Anvil Rock, it started raining.  By the time we got to Markham Pass, the road had turned to butter again.  But we made it through ok.

The rest of the week was pretty nice.  It typically clouded up by noon, and kept it cool in the afternoon.  On Friday, we got about a full hour of steady rain.  When it finished, we went outside and enjoyed the nature after the rain.

Peak off to the west from the meadow

Some more photos after the rain…

Clearing on south mountain


Stick Bushes got leaves… Usually they are bare…

Stick Bushes

A couple of oriels started hanging around the cabin all week.  Here is a pretty good picture of one, but it’s through the screen door, so there is some obstruction. I think it's a Scott's Oriel.


And here is my attempt at blowing the photo up…

oriel zoomed

Remy had a great time running around…


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