LittleHouse Wiring Cont’


LittleHouse Wiring Cont’

by admin on May.05, 2009, under Electrical

After finishing the Bathroom wiring, we started on the Kitchen.
We started at the far end of the string, and installed the switchbox first, then started working our way back toward the breaker box from there.
One switch for Kitchen Lights, one for Garbage Disposal, two for outdoor lights.

Kitchen Switchbox

We finished the South side first.  On this side of the Kitchen we plan to have the sink and possibly a dishwasher, but we haven’t decided on that yet…

Kitchen South Side

Next, we moved on the the East Side, where we just plan to have a countertop and the small RV-type hot water heater…

Kitchen East Side

And then we moved on to the North side, where we ran out of the 12-2 wire.  So we will have to finish that on the next trip up.  We plan to have the refrigerator and stove and microwave on this side….

Kitchen North Side

Finally, we wired up the ceiling for a row of three lights down the middle and one light above the sink…

Here is the initial plan for wiring the Kitchen.  This could change…
Kitchen Wiring


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