Painting the LittleHouse


Painting the LittleHouse

by admin on Apr.21, 2009, under Trim & Paint

So finally we got back up to the Ranch on mid April, 2009 to finish the painting of the LittleHouse.

Here is how it went…

LittleHouse Paint Job

On our previous trip, we had used a sprayer to paint the trim a light green color.  On this trip, we decided to do minimal masking and just roll on the earthtone brown paint for the flat parts.  We thought that would be easier than doing an extensive mask job to spray the brown color.  I still think we were right.

So after masking just the edges of the trim that were next to the hardiboard panels, we cut in the brown around the edges, then used a roller to apply the remainder of the paint.  It still took about 6 hours to mask everything, and about 8 hours to do all of the painting.

Cutting in the corners with a brush

When it was all done, this is what the south (front) side of the LittleHouse looked like.

Front Side Painted

And here it the East side.  We need to get some more green paint to cover the spot where the board went across that held our ladder.  We also noticed that when we removed the masking tape, it peeled some of the green paint off the edges of the trim, so we will need to touch up some spots, too.

East Side Painted

And the back (north side) is ready for the storm door installation…

Back Side Painted

And finally, here is the west side, ready for installation of our attic vent…

West Side Painted

And here is what it looked like from Markham Pass, as we left. Just a little brown spot in the trees…

LittleHouse from the road


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