Site Rebuild Complete


Site Rebuild Complete

by admin on Jan.24, 2009, under admin

We have now moved all posts from out old site to this new one. The task was a little bigger than I originally thought it might be, with over 1200 pages created on the new site.

Anyway, you can now find everything that was on the old site here.

There are several ways to get around on the new site.
You can use the Page menus at the top of every page:

Pages Menu

Or you can use the Category menus a little further down…

Categories Menu

Or you can use the categories list on the right hand side…


Or you can use the Tags cloud on the right.

Tags Cloud

Finally, we have a pretty good search engine that can help find specific things on the site.

Search Engine

We hope you enjoy the new site, and come back to check often. The RSS feeds work with most email programs or browsers, so you can be notified automatically when we add content.

We have a ways to go on the ranch project, so we expect to be adding quite a bit in the coming years.
Thanks… Randy & Tara


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