LittleHouse – Building the Work Platform


LittleHouse – Building the Work Platform

by admin on May.03, 2008, under Windows & Doors

East Side View
21 April 2008.
The right hand side of the East end will be used for utilities entrance panels and such. So there’s no window on that side for the bathroom.

We ran out of Tyvek tape (which is GREAT stuff, by the way… So we will finish taping the window on our next trip. The Lowes Housewrap held up very well through the winter, with no signs of fraying or tearing.

East Side Windows


Work Platform
02 May 2008.

The next step is to install the French Doors. Before we can do that, though, we needed a work platform to help Tara and I lift the door into place.
There was no way we were going to be able to lift it all the way off the ground to the floor level.
So here we built an 8′ x8′ work platform, and sat it on top of the porch piers.

Work Platform Framing

Work Platform
02 May 2008.
It’s amazing, all of the extra work you have to do to be able to work on your own. Here is the finished temporary platform. It should come in handy while cutting siding, too.

Temporary Work Platform


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