Washhouse Water Heater Install


Washhouse Water Heater Install

by admin on Mar.23, 2006, under WashHouse

Water Heater

March 2006.

After measuring the location for the water heater, Tara is cutting the 12-3/4″ hole to install it.

This is an RV-type water heater, which direct-vents to the outside, without needing to install a vent pipe through the roof. We’ve had an RV before, and think that the 6 gallon tank will keep up with our minimal needs.

By the way, the sabre saw we are using works very well off of our 300 watt pure sine wave inverter and battery. A larger saw would draw too much, but this seems very efficient, and is a real time-saver over hand tools.

Cutting the Siding

W/H Installed

March, 2006.

Next, we started cutting and framing the hole, we added a 2×4 support under the heater to keep it level, since the wall has a 2×4 on the floor. Then we applied silicone sealant to the door frame and installed the doorframe to the heater body. Then the whole thing slides into place from the outside. A little sealant around the door frame seals it against moisture.

Water Heater Installed

W/H Connections

March, 2006.

The propane connects to the fitting on the left with a 3/8 inch hose. This is routed back outside to a 20-lb propane tank. We used two 1/2″ nipples on the back of the water heater to make connection/disconnection easy.

Water Heater Connections


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