Ranch Security – First Steps


Ranch Security – First Steps

by admin on Jun.30, 2004, under Security

When we were up for Memorial Day, 2004, we were getting A LOT of traffic using our private drive. Some was intentional, most was not. We hate to do it, but due to the erosion on our drive, we decided to place No Trespassing signs at the lower end. This won’t keep out those who don’t care, but will inform those that just don’t know this is private property.

Private Property Sign

After just one summer of being wired to the fencepost near the end of the drive, the winds blew it around so much that it tore off the holes and fell to the ground. Our good neighbor up the hill patched up our sign as best as possible.

Old Sign

When we arrived, we replaced the worn out sign with a new one. As we dug the new post hole, we discovered how much the recent rains had been helping. Two feet down, the ground was still moist. Very nice for this part of the country.

New Sign

The space at the top is for our lot number/address, when we get some lettering from the hardware store.


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