Getting the LittleHouse Permit – Part 3


Getting the LittleHouse Permit – Part 3

by admin on Jun.07, 2004, under LittleHouse Permits

Page 7
Page 7 is used if your parcel is on a county road. Ours is not, so we didn’t need to fill it out.

Page 7

Page 8
Page 8 contains instructions for page 7.

Page 8

Amended by County
Here is the plot plan, as amended by Yavapai County. They were wanting distances to the easements, rather than distances to the lot line. So Ace just penciled them in for us.

Ammended Permit

Permit Issued
Overall, our experience with the Yavapai County Development Services was very good. We arrived at 0830 and waited about 5 minutes for someone to take us back to Ace, our representative that walked us through the process.
He was impressed with our clean drawings, and showed them to others in the office.
After a short question and answer period, Ace signed off on our permit.
Next, he walked it through Land Use. That went through with no questions asked.
Finally, he sent it through flood control.

Permit Part 1

Permit Issued
We had a little problem with the lady from flood control. She said she had no problem with our house, but was questioning the placement of the septic system.
We told her several times that the septic had been inspected and approved, but she was not listening.
She asked if we had been talked to about a sealed system ($$$).
Finally, I pulled out our green “Approved” card from the inspector and showed it to her. She then said, “Oh, it’s already been approved! There’s nothing we can do about it now.” Then she agreed to sign off on our little house…

Permit Part 2

And Paid For…
The permit process took us 2.5 hours in the office, and cost a total of $105.

Receipt for Permit

Place Card
This is the place card to be displayed at the site when construction begins.

Place Card


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