Getting the LittleHouse Permit – Con’t


Getting the LittleHouse Permit – Con’t

by admin on Jun.07, 2004, under LittleHouse Permits

Page 3
Page 3 is a checklist for the plot plan on page 2. There are a few things not checked on the septic part, because the land use specialist at the county said we didn’t need them, since our septic is already approved.

Page 3 of the Permit Packet

Page 4
Page 4 is to provide a map to the parcel. The county requires a line type map, not just written directions.

Page 4 of the Permit Packet

Map to Parcel
Here is a little cleaner image of the map to the parcel.

Map to the Parcel

Page 5
Page 5 is to calculate and document the outdoor lighting for the parcel. Yavapai County has a light pollution ordinance that must be adhered to.

Page 5 of the Permit Packet

Page 6
Page 6 is to determine if you need to fill out forms for connecting to county roads. Since Juniper Valley Ranch is on a private road, we do not need to fill out the next page…

Page 6 of the Permit Packet


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