What’s in Seligman??


What’s in Seligman??

by admin on Mar.31, 2004, under Area

Westside Lilo’s
This little cafe on the West side of town will really fill you up. They specialize in German food, but their other stuff is good too. We’ve had their Country Fried Steaks and enjoyed them. Her desserts are huge and delicious.

West Side Lilos

Roadkill Cafe
You Kill It, We Grill It…
Despite the name, this cafe has pretty good food, too. We’ve had their steak, which tasted fine to us.  We generally try to go early to avoid crowds.

Road Kill Cafe

Copper Cart
This place has really good breakfast. And the help is friendly here, too.  It closed down in 2007, but we hope someday it will reopen.

Copper Cart Cafe

Tourist Trap
Here is one of the local tourist trap trinket stores.  The tour buses always stop here.

Tourist Trap

Snow Cap
Here is a rather famous place in town. The Sno Cap is run by the Delgadado family, who do everything they can to keep the Route-66 mystic going in town. They are a bunch of pranksters, so don’t be surprised at what they might pull while you are in there.
By the way…the tacos are excellent… nice and greasy.

Sno Cap Drive In


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